Curated  Spiritual  Events

Explore with sincerity...

Co-create a spiritual moment that deepens the connection with yourself, others and the universe

  • Explore sincere & sensible spiritual connections such as Meditation & Mediumship (and others) in the comfort of your chosen space or select from a list of sincerity recommended locations within the GTA and beyond. 

  • By donation (recommended amount shared during booking)

  • Ideal for 2 to 9 guests.  Available for larger groups as well. Let's talk.

  • Approx duration: 90 minutes.

  • Select from Day or Evening Sessions, Weekday or Weekends. 
    A minimum 21 day advance booking required.

  • A short introduction of the spiritual offerings, a grounding meditation, and an energetic clearing at the end of the experience is included.

  • This is not a healing circle, ceremonial experience or religious teaching of any kind. This is not a woo woo experience.

  • This is an intimate, energetically safe and well-guided approach to exploring non-physical realms and other dimensions of the human experience.

  • PLEASE NOTE Being in group amplifies an experience.  Choose your guest list wisely, invite those holding sincere open minded interests towards creating a moment of self care and spiritual exploration.  

Select from a variety of Spiritual contributors recommended by, each with their unique quality and amazing gift(s).  Let me help you find a spiritual match. Below are some of the sincerity contributors available for your curated event. There are more.

For a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, life changing Spirit connection. . 

Sage Riley 
Native Healer, Ancestral Medium and Trauma Alchemist

A Celtic/Irish/Ojibwa Healer with a capacity to enhance and heal your soul's present yearning. Sage’s psychic abilities will leave you in awe of him, and your spiritual growth after the experience.

Get your BIG questions answered by The Alaster Group.

Gail Scott - Exclusive Channeler of "The Alaster Group" 
A star collective of light beings, non-physical energies, sharing their vast knowledge and sincere wisdom on the ever confusing yet fascinating human experience. Ever heard of Abraham Hicks? well, this is VERY similar.

Check out Oprah's experience with "Channeling".   

Ask YOUR personal questions and have access to deep and expansive wisdom with Gail Scott & The Alaster Group during a sincerity curated event.

There's more, let's talk.

Everyone could use a little therapy....sometimes often.

A life shifting one of a kind intimate exploration of all things Holistic & Inspirational

Offering curated one of a kind events with well-researched Alternative therapies, services, and products for YOUR-personal choosing.  

Your exploration with sincerity may include:

  • A catered with Holistic intent menu created by a trained chef and/or certified nutritionist. Non-Alcoholic though various specialty drinks are offered. Menu is well-thought out in food seasonality, personal tastes and if interested Ayurveda principals. 

  • A maximum of 3 modalities are pre-selected for exploration.  Each contributor (guest therapist, energy worker, spiritual adviser, therapist and so on) will educate, engage and at times provide hands on treatments. Limited to minor emotional and mental imbalances, this is NOT to replace any current medical actions. This is solely for educational purposes.  

  • Choose from a list of products (3 max.) brought in for testing, sampling and their effectiveness. 
    From crystal mats, therapeutic lighting, to wellness machines and aura readers, this is the time to explore up close and personal.

  • Can be at hosted at your home, preferred space or select from a list of Toronto locations and a few beyond. (Prince Edward County area for one) Ask us about finding the ideal place for your exploration.

  • Each event begins with a group meditation for a more connected, deeply grounded and well-balanced experience.  

  • A standard FAQ's and a tailored WELLNESS TIP SHEET is provided to support the expansion beyond the event experience.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a healing circle, ceremonial experience or individual therapeutic sessions offered. This is an exclusive and distinguished way of exploring sincere spiritual, alternative, holistic, energetic offerings available to all. 

    For a DEEP DIVE into WELL BEING.

  • Approx Duration - 4 hours

  • Tailored for 4 to 12 guests, large groups as well.  Simply ask me. 

  • Starting at $888.00

    Simply call 647-504-4301 to begin the process in curating the kind of evening that changes perceptions, perspectives and people who engage with...sincerity.

    Let us guide you well.
The flow of the experience is co-created with you.
Let's explore what excites your interests from the categories below.
Ideal for
Body Health

(by type)

Chinese Medicine
Tai Chi/Qi Gong

Ideal for
Mental Balance

(by practice)
Sound Frequencies
Binary Beats
Holistic Talk Therapy

For your 
Energy  Body

(by position)

Feng Shui
Chakra Bowls
Chanting & Tones
Energy Medicine

For Spiritual Growth

(breathing techniques)
Intuitive Guidance
Past Life 


Dedicate time to improve your inner well being
and your outer environment.

Just some of the latest Alternative/Holistic products to explore...

Sound Therapy Products, Light Therapy Products, Energy Health Products, Meditation Tools, Pendulums, Feng Shui Products, Amethyst Bio Mats, Light Therapy, H2O Systems, PEMF Therapy, Brain Function and MORE!

Please note...EACH of these therapies/services/products are INTERCHANGEABLE with their benefits. Each effective for a vast variety of ailments, discomforts and concerning issues for body, mind and soul balance.   

I can help you find what is best for your personal taste and boundaries of comfort.  Saving you time, money and at times, disappointment and frustration in the finding the RIGHT alternative therapy/treatment that works best for you. 

Explore YOURSELF with

Let us guide you well.

Email for more info or call 647-504-4301

Awareness + Action = Achievement

“Live presently, breathe consciously, produce responsibly, impress daily, behave pleasantly, express nicely, inspire regularly, walk peacefully, think fluidly, dream constantly, achieve progressively, evolve ethically, guide instinctively, act authentically and engage with…sincerity.”