Me, Myself and I


My story, my lessons and learnings.


Born 1970 to 1976ish...

Mar Del Plata, Argentina.  During the "The Dirty War" 
Being separated from my entire extended family, my natural culture and ancestral influences has influenced me in ways that I won't fully understand, but has taught me lessons that I will never forget in this lifetime.  

Finding out the lineage you were born from, the "circumstances" that were occuring on a social, political, economical level.  Each having some influence on you, your triggers, sensitivities, and abilities to process certain emotions and mental states. Learn more about "things" that were out of your control then, but are now!  More?  BBC   WHO

From 7 years to 8ish... 

Fortaleza, Brazil - Memories of rain forests, wild animals, exotic birds and loud sounds of nature.  I remember learning "distinction", the rich and the poor and the divide between the two that never sat well with me.  Both extreme's seemed absurd to accept as an option for this life.  I could never word it at the time, but Brazil gave me lessons of humbleness, simplicity and the need to respect and narrow humanity's polarizing experiences.  

Re-visiting your past and understanding reasons and reactions will help you become a more much aware and conscious individual today.  You'll make choices coming from a present awareness rather then a previous trigger.

The Teens - 

Toronto (East side and West) 

My 20's...Brave choices and beautiful mistakes.

My 30's...Finding myself, my tribe and my clarity.

My 40's...Becoming myself and more of everything good

My 50's...Almost there...will keep you posted!

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