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Get your idea from concept to actualization in a stress free, mindful and sincere approach.

I have a natural gift for putting big dreams into small little action steps. Progressing you in whatever concept, vision or project you want to make happen.  Specializing in intellectual property development and self employment insights.
Call me, Let's get'er done! 

Helping you bring your vision to reality!

Organizing and developing your intellectual property for income earning purposes.  Creating paper and electronic marketing materials, social media postings and other content driven items. 
Ideal for: Speaker Talks ~ Workshop Developers ~ Webinar Creators ~ Online Submissions ~ Actor Scripts & Production Houses ~ Business Plans ~ Marketing & Email Campaigns ~ Book Research ~ and More.  Offering sensible rates for large projects requiring an extended and dedicated approach. 

Let's enhance the user experience of your offering(s).

Creating professional Pdf's, media posts, customized images, promo video's and more to improve your client experience and operational efficiencies.  
Ideal for: 
Social Media Postings ~ Online Content ~ Event Materials ~ Podcasts ~ Workshop Materials ~ Webinars ~ Promotional Videos ~ And More


Offering useful industry research and sensible operational efficiencies.

Ideal for: Alternative Therapists, Life Coaches, Professional Speakers, Small start-ups, Mental Health Advocates, Authors, Actors, Filmmakers, Spiritual Healers, Intuitive Guides and all other potentials.  
Knowledge & insights on: Canadian small business practices, Self-employment in Canada, Budget Marketing, Mental Health Industry, Emotional Intelligence, Meditation, Alternative Medicines, Self Help/Personal Growth, Energy Medicine, and Contemporary  Spirituality.  
Experience & studies in: Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Promotions, Event Planning, Product Development,  Intellectual Property Development, Email Campaigns (CASL), Network list building and other self-employed, small business insights. 

Offering short term, long term contracts as well as sweat equity options. 
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I welcome new immigrants looking to integrate themselves smoothly into the Canadian business culture. 

Looking to complete a "big" goal?   
Hoping to find a sincere hands-on business partner of sorts, supporting and stimulating your vision's progress?
Looking to market intellectual property, substantiate natural talents and begin a self employed/start-up business journey?

I will help execute your vision with purpose, passion & positivity.
Information Architect &  Awareness Advocate
Spanish, English & French speaking
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“Silvina is gifted at helping you get to the deeper level so that you attract your clients. Her ability to take my thoughts and create a meaningful message is amazing! Thanks Silvina."

Sylvia Plester-Silk
Principal facilitator and Coach at On Purpose Consulting

"As a new business creating my website felt like a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. Silvina at sincerity empowered me to make it happen!  She helped me  organize and create my message while breaking it down into manageable action steps.  Throughout the process Silvina listened to my concerns, answered my questions and brought elements of joy to the work.  Thanks to Silvina’s work on my website,   I now have a finished product."

Sharon Warren,
 Certified Coach, Licensed, Spiritual Health Coach 

Silvina’s style is innovative, creative, diligent, level-headed and spiritual, all rolled up into one amazing person and skill sets. If you are looking for a guide to help you find clarity and direction in how and what you offer the world, look no further.  She will lead the way helping you create branding and offerings which showcase your brand as authentic, real and relevant.  You won’t regret your investment in her services and talents.

Gail Scott
Professional Speaker,
Certified Life Coach &
Intuitive Advisor.

Kind, generous, insightful, always honest, downright blunt sometimes… A winning combination when seeking the push required for next level business. Silvina is the writer behind who you are and how you present. She digs deep to find authentic attributes to push forward, guide you to the money making avenues on which to concentrate; in short; Silvina is as important to your business as any other non-negotiable attribute.

Sonya Cote
Artist, Speaker & Sexual Health Advocate

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